Friday, September 25, 2009

Take a Music Class

Music and kids go together so well! How about a music class to awaken that playful connection with your child? One of the popular programs is called Music Together. It's a franchised business that offers music programs to children from infancy through kindergarten. Check out your local parent guidebook to find a parent-child music class near you. You can usually find a guidebook in your local community center and pediatrician's office.  Or check the web:

I take this program with both of my children, and they love it! We sing the songs on the CD throughout the week and then go to class every Thursday.  Music Together introduces a different instrument every semester for three years, according to their website. This is true to my experience with the company, but they do keep favorite songs on the program from semester to semester. is another one..hmm... I think I will go try their free class!

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